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It’s clear that you care about family. So do we!

Every child deserves a loving family. But unfortunately, children with special needs in China are highly at risk of losing their families at any moment.

Children with special needs are left out in the cold because their families aren’t equipped to care for them. High medical costs, social pressures, and lack of special needs resources make it incredibly difficult for these families to raise their children at home.

The good news is: YOU can do something about it. A simple gift from you can prevent a child with special needs from becoming an orphan by giving their family the support they desperately need.

Would you consider a gift today to help a child with special needs in China stay with their loving family?

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Your tax-deductible donation to Hope Station will go directly to serving children with special needs and their families in China. With every gift, we get closer to a China without orphans.

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