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Founder + Executive Director

Rebekah (Wilder) Kepha had a passion from age 9 to help children in China. She grew up in Minnetonka, MN, and graduated from Northwestern College, St. Paul with a degree in Intercultural Studies, Children & Family Studies, and Mandarin Chinese. Rebekah is a certified Mental Health Practitioner and Behavioral Therapist and has worked with special needs children since 2008. Rebekah moved to China permanently in 2015. Soon after that she met her husband, who is from India, and they were married in 2018.

They lived in China until August of 2020, and now live in Minnesota, USA.

Email Rebekah: rebekah@hope-station.org


Chief Operations Officer

“Throughout the past years working for Hope Station, I’ve always felt very passionate about my job. I hope to get more resources and opportunities by connecting with more people in the community, so that the children and families we serve can get more professional help, and our team can work in unity.”

Margarete is a native of Sichuan province. She likes eating spicy food, and her major in college was Business English. Previous to joining Hope Station in 2018, she worked as an English teacher, and as a teacher for special needs children in both China and Canada.

Learn more about sponsoring Margarete’s valuable and life-changing work with orphans and families.


Communications Specialist – China

“Hello! I’m Ryan. My job is to be responsible for the social media operation of Hope Station in China. I like taking photos, videos and writing stories about children with special needs in China. My greatest hope is that through online advocacy, more people will know about and pay attention to special needs children in China, and more people will know and join in what Hope Station is doing. The work I do is very meaningful and important. I hope that through my work every child we serve will have a champion to grow up with.”

Ryan is from HuBei province, China. He is married to American Stephanie, and they have a son and a daughter. He was first a volunteer for Hope Station, visiting the orphanages and helping them with “odd jobs” like fixing doors and installing baby gates. In addition to managing Hope Station’s local communications, Ryan runs his own company doing medical art, such as designing diagrams for medical textbooks.
Ryan began working for Hope Station in 2019.

Learn more about sponsoring Ryan’s valuable and life-changing work in the Chinese community.


Family Strengthening Program Manager

“I’m so happy that I have a chance to serve disabled children and vulnerable families. Among the kids I serve there are children with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism and Developmental Delay. Most of the families live in poverty. The parents raise their child alone, without the help from the government and society, life is really sad for them. During every home-visit, we chat, play, and encourage each other. I remember every child’s birthday and celebrate with them on their special day. Although every child is unique, they are all so special. I am so proud that get to witness them thriving. I will do my best to support each family by giving them the help and love they deserve.”

Erica lives in Sichuan with her daughter. Growing up, she had a brother with Cerebral Palsy, so she understands first hand how difficult it can be to be part of a family with special needs. She is passionate about making sure local families get the resources and support they need.
Erica began working for Hope Station in 2019.

Learn more about sponsoring Erica’s valuable and life-changing work with families who have children with special needs.



“I was a therapy major in University, but when I looked for a job after graduation most of the options were to do massage. All of a sudden I felt like I’d lost my way. So, I worked at the local Disabilities Federation for 4 months just to help. During my time there, I realized that all around us there were especially poor children that were invisible to society. Now, my heart is moved to help for the sake of the children with special needs. This kind of work gives my life so much meaning. When I first heard about Hope Station, I learned that the work you were doing was specifically for public welfare and helping all kinds of children. It sparked an inner sense of purpose in me! Now, I’m honored to be part of this work.”

Jade provides directly therapy services to children living in orphanages, and gives therapeutic guidance and assessments to children in families as well. She has a degree in General Therapy with an emphasis in speech therapy, and previously worked at the Disabilities Federation in her hometown.
Jade began working for Hope Station in 2021.

You can be part of the amazing work that Jade is doing by being one of her sponsors. Your support will be changing the lives of the children and families she serves.

Learn more about sponsoring Jade’s valuable and life-changing work with orphans and families.


Administrative Assistant

Marsha lives in Minnesota with her husband. They enjoy camping and biking together and love spending time with their family as often as possible. They have traveled to China two times to visit Rebekah and have had the privilege of spending time with the precious children at the orphanage both times. 

Marsha loves handling all the US side administrative tasks for Hope Station and sees it as a privilege to work alongside her daughter in her life dream.

Email Marsha: marshakwilder@gmail.com

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