Lead Magnet Capture: Mid-Autumn Festival Activity Kit

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with this FREE and instantly downloadable Activity Kit

Mid-Autumn Festival, sometimes called Moon Festival, is a Chinese holiday that brings families together to watch the moon, eat mooncakes, and have fun!

To make it easy for you to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at home with your family, kids, grandkids, or friends, we’ve put together the Ultimate Mid-Autumn Festival Activity Kit.

With this FREE activity kit, you’ll be able to download all you need to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival and learn about the Chinese holiday traditions.

In this kit, you’ll get all these activities:

  • Read Together: What Is Mid-Autumn Festival?
  • Recipe: Moon Cakes
  • Bonus Recipe: JianBing (Egg Pancake)
  • Craft Guide: Phases of the Moon
  • 2 Coloring Pages
  • Our Recommended Book List
  • Bonus: Family Prayer Guide

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