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Would you consider making a financial gift to honor these incredible families this Giving Tuesday?

The harsh reality is: children with special needs in China are highly at risk of being separated from their families forever.

For many families, raising a child with special needs means a life of medical costs, social isolation, and lack of education and resources for their child. In the face of such hopelessness, turning their child over to an orphanage can seem like the only option. But an orphanage is no place for a child to grow up.

You can help special needs families stay together by empowering the child’s family to raise a child with special needs.

A gift from you today can:

  • help a mom and dad whose baby is at risk of blindness to afford medical visits on a regular basis
  • connect a hopeless mother of a child with Autism to other special needs moms at our Family Activity Days
  • provide monthly home visits to a grandmother and her grandson who has Cerebral Palsy and can’t leave the house

Would you make a gift this Giving Tuesday?

YES, I want to help children with special needs stay with their families:

You can trust us. This is a secure payment page. We’ll carefully protect all your information, and we won’t send your information to anyone else.

Your tax-deductible donation to Hope Station will go directly to serving children with special needs and their families in China. With every gift, we get closer to a China without orphans.

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