Download: Ultimate Chinese New Year Kit

Yay! Welcome to your Ultimate Chinese New Year Kit. You are READY to celebrate Chinese New Year!

You can either:

– OR access videos and download resources one by one below

1 hour video recording of our Virtual Chinese New Year Party in 2021

This video will guide you through all the activities. Of course, you can feel free to do one activity at a time by accessing each activity video separately below.

If the above video will not load, you can watch it on our facebook page.

CRAFT: Making Chinese Lanterns

Watch the video

SNACK: Making Chinese Street Food – Jian Bing

Watch the video

DANCE: Learn the Chinese Lion Dance

Watch the video

Make your own cardboard lion head (external link)

LEARN: How to Say Happy New Year in Chinese

Watch the video

PRAY: For Vulnerable Children in China

Meet a Child with Special Needs in China
How Hope Station Celebrates New Year in China

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