An Exciting Trip Coming Up

It’s Rebekah here, the Director. I have exciting news to share…

I’ve finally booked a visit to China!

The past 3 years have been long and difficult for our team and the families we serve. When I first moved back to the US in 2020 after 6 years living in China, I had planned to visit once a year to strengthen and supervise our local staff. But COVID restrictions made that impossible.

Finally, China has opened its borders and life has begun to normalize!

But as many of us have experienced, the heaviness of those 3 years doesn’t just disappear. The children and families we serve are more exhausted and more eager for support than ever before. And as our team works relentlessly to support and encourage, they are dealing with their own exhaustion and burnout.

I am so excited to visit the children and families in person to give them support and encouragement. I’ll pour into my staff team so they can keep doing the important work they are doing, and train local volunteers to improve our services to families. And of course, I’ll report back to you the victories and further needs I see first hand.

Here are a few ways for you to get in on this trip, too:

Send a Note of Encouragement!

Print out a photo or write a letter to our families and staff, and we’ll put it up on the Encouragement Wall in our office. Everyone in China will get to see just how many people are cheering for them worldwide.

Click here to find out where to send your note of encouragement.

Travel with me!

Ever heard of “Flat Stanley?” Let’s do “Flat Family” instead! Here’s how it works:

Send me a photo of your family

– I’ll print it out and bring it with me

– During my trip, follow along on Hope Station social media (linked below)

– Watch to see where I take a photo with your family in China!

Follow us on Social Media!

This is where you’ll find day to day updates and pictures during my trip.  

Give Towards Trip Costs

While my own travel fees have been fully covered, we need funds for special costs like extra home visits, training sessions for parents, community building events, local transportation, and more. I really believe that any gift you give has exponential power to serve children and families during this trip and beyond. Click here to give.

Ultimately, this is all about these incredibly precious children and their families. I leave August 25th, and can’t wait to share it all with you. 

Rebekah Kepha

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