Ci Ren’s Family Never Gives Up

“We are from a mountain village in Tibet,” Ci Ren’s mother shared in her first letter to us. “There are four people in our family: father, mother, Ci Ren and Ci Ren’s uncle. Ci Ren is 1 year old. Less than four days after his birth, we went to the local hospital for a check-up because he had a high fever that did not go away. We then went to the hospital intermittently for infusions, but found that the situation was still the same and did not improve.”

Ci Ren was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Ci Ren’s parents soon found out that his developmental delay was more specifically Cerebral Palsy. They heard about Hope Station through some friends of friends of friends, and immediately reached out to see if they could get more help for their son.

“Ci Ren was growing very slowly. Looking at him compared with children of the same age, he was far behind in all aspects. We were all very anxious. So in just the first two weeks, we decided to take our child to Chengdu city to the hospital for further examinations.

His parents weren’t willing to give up.

We went to the well-known local Huaxi Hospital, but the results of the examination were very bad. The doctor even advised us to give up treatment, but my husband and I did not want to give up. Although our financial situation is very bad, we are willing to make every effort to save our child. The recovery process is long and difficult, but we will stick to it and hope that our child’s situation will get better!”

This family’s love for their son was unmistakable. His mama and baba were clearly willing to do anything for their sweet boy. We welcomed them in to our Family Strengthening Program with open arms.

Unfortunately, until Ci Ren is stronger, his family has to live apart. Now, Ci Ren’s father and uncle work in their mountain village. Every dollar they make goes to support Ci Ren and his mama who are living in the city. She dedicates her days to taking care of Ci Ren and bringing him to therapy.

“Although our family conditions are very poor, we are still very hopeful, especially when we meet people who are willing to help us. It gives us more confidence.”

The sooner Ci Ren’s family gets a sponsor, the better.

Ci Ren’s family needs a second sponsor as soon as possible. The sooner he can get a second sponsor, the sooner he can get full access to the therapy and resources he needs. His mama will get training about her son’s needs, and he’ll get to be reunited with his baba and uncle in the mountains sooner.

If you want to help Ci Ren, please consider sponsoring his family starting today. It’s just $35/month to change this family’s life forever. Your generosity can give them the hope and confidence that they so desperately need.

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