Why We Stopped Doing Orphan Care

XiaoHang at home

We stopped focusing on orphan care. It might sound harsh, but it’s important. A child with special needs in China is at risk of becoming an orphan at any moment. Even the best-intentioned parents could find themselves abandoning their child due to extreme financial, social, or family pressures.  One mother…

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Ci Ren’s Family Never Gives Up

“The results of the examination were very bad. The doctor even advised us to give up treatment, but my husband and I did not want to give up. Although our financial situation is very bad, we are willing to make every effort to save our child. The recovery process is long and difficult, but we will stick to it and hope that our child’s situation will get better!”

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Dance Lessons for JunJie

“Every time the dance teacher came to give JunJie a dance lesson, he would be surrounded by his neighbors,” Family Strengthening Program Manager Erica Xu shares. “At the beginning, everyone was curious about whether the child could actually dance. Or whether the teacher was willing to teach someone with Down…

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