Virtual Chinese New Year Party

Happy Chinese New Year!

On February 12th we hosted a Virtual Chinese New Year Party, and many of you attended! It was such a treat to celebrate the Lunar New Year with you.

Throughout the event, we met new friends, did lots of family-friendly activities, and learned about Chinese New Year traditions in China.

In fact, it was so fun that we decided to make this Ultimate Chinese New Year Kit available to you for free! You can download it here.

Here’s a sneak peek at all the activities:

CRAFT: Making Chinese Lanterns

In the first segment, Rebekah (Director) and her mom Marsha walk us through how to make Chinese Paper Lanterns. It’s a fun activity that anyone can do with items you find at home! Paper, scissors, tape, string, and something to decorate them, like markers or paint or sequins.

For a printable craft guide, check out our Ultimate Chinese New Year Kit here.

How Hope Station Celebrates in China

Our Chinese team share with us in this video about how locals celebrate Chinese New Year. Erica teaches us about different traditions, and takes us on a visit to a few different families’ homes. Each family has a child with special needs, and each family celebrates in a little bit different way each year.

SNACK: Making Chinese Street Food – Jian Bing

Join Rebekah in the kitchen as she makes Jian Bing, a favorite Chinese street food snack. Again, this is made with mostly things that anyone can find at home in your fridge or cupboards. If you’re really ambitious, you might want to find some sweet bean paste at your local asian grocery before jumping into this recipe.

For a printable recipe card, check out our Ultimate Chinese New Year Kit here.

Learn to Say Happy New Year in Chinese

In this segment, some young friends from across the USA join Rebekah and Margarete (COO) for a mini Chinese lesson on Zoom. Margarete leads the group in learning how to say Happy New Year in Chinese. Do you know how to say it?

Meet LongLong

During the party, the audience has a chance to meet a wonderful boy named LongLong who lives in China. You get a tour of his house, you meet his grandma who cares for him, and you get a small window into what life is like in China for a child who has special needs.

Learn the Chinese Lion Dance

Rebekah is joined by her husband Jonathan for one of our favorite segments: learning how to do the lion dance! Learn from them as they teach some simple steps and then perform this dance together. If you want to make your own lion head at home, check out this tutorial.

Thanks for Watching

That’s a wrap. The event ends with prayer for children in need, and hosts Rebekah and Mariah say goodbye and Happy New Year once more. Thanks to everyone who made this such a fun celebration!

If you want to celebrate at home this year, you can download our FREE Ultimate Chinese New Year Kit right now!


Celebrate Chinese New Year with your kids at home with this FREE printable kit!

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