YOU can save a child from becoming an orphan

YOU can save a child from becoming an orphan

In China, children with special needs have the highest risk of being orphaned. Every year, around 100,000 children are abandoned in China. 98% of them have special needs.

A little boy diagnosed with Autism.
A baby girl born with Down Syndrome.
A teen with Cerebral Palsy whose family can’t afford therapy.

Most moms and dads in China have very few options. Treatment is expensive, the future is unknown, and they feel totally alone. Abandoning their child to the orphanage seems like their child’s only chance of survival.

While the orphanages Hope Station serves remain closed due to COVID-19, God has paved the way for something really exciting: Serving FAMILIES who have children with special needs.

Families in desperate need of support for their child with special needs are signing up for Hope Station’s family services every month:

4-yr-old HengHeng’s parents walked into our office in tears but left with educational resources about Autism and with hope in their hearts.

10-yr-old JunJie with Down Syndrome is getting private dance lessons after being turned away at every dance studio in town.

12-yr-old LongLong with Cerebral Palsy received equipment that will help him do therapy at home with his grandma.

Families like these have inspired us to fight for children with special needs to get better support, now more than ever before. And your support is vital to making this possible.

YOU can save a child from becoming an orphan.

In order to support 15 families and the local community in 2021, we need to raise $50,000 by the end of the year. Would you step up today to be a champion for a child and their family?

By making a donation to Hope Station, you’ll be giving families the support and resources they need to raise their children at home. Children will receive therapy and professional support. Their parents will receive education, financial assistance, and encouragement.

If you donate before December 31st, your donation will be DOUBLED by one of our generous donors, up to $10,000. That’s double the goodness for a family in need!

We are eager to continue serving children in the orphanages as soon as the orphanages open. But we’re also excited about helping more and more kids with special needs and their families. I can’t wait to watch your generosity turn their lives right side up!

With gratitude,

P.S. Make your donation by December 31st to have your gift matched up to $10,000!

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