Erica + LongLong 4 Life

You’re in for a treat…

Erica Xu is on the blog with us today! She’s our Family Strengthening Program Manager, here to share with you about a child she has been working with.


“LongLong lives with Cerebral Palsy. His lower limbs are severely deformed and his condition is getting more and more serious,” Erica shares.


“He needed orthopedic braces urgently, but because he and his family live in a very remote mountainous area, it is very difficult for him to get to any medical professionals.”

Nevertheless, Erica was determined to get LongLong the equipment he needed.


“Starting in June this year, I started driving the child to the hospital for evaluation. I took him to the Disabled Person’s Federation to submit an application and contacted the manufacturer to order the orthopedic brace. Even though it took several months, I was thankful that everything went well in the end.”


“By August, LongLong had already started wearing the orthopedic brace and orthopedic shoes. He could finally stand up straight! I am really happy for him, and I am proud that my work can help him.”

Last year, Erica gave LongLong his first birthday party ever, at age 12. This month, they celebrated his 13th birthday together. His dad told us, “LongLong’s best friends are the Hope Station staff. So every time they come visit him, he’s so happy! They even bring him a gift whenever they come, we’re really so grateful!”

Erica is changing lives through her work every single day. And you can easily join her in making a difference!


“This job I do makes me feel very proud, and every time I help a family solve a difficult problem I feel very happy. With your love, I will be able to help more children in the future. Thank you for supporting my work!”

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