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I want to tell you about 6-year-old JunXi. If you’re reading this, you clearly care deeply about children with special needs and their families, so I’m sure his story will touch your heart just as much as it’s touched mine.

JunXi’s mama wrote in her first letter to us: “When he was 3 years old, he was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His DMD diagnosis hit us quite hard. Sometimes, watching how cute, lively, and active he is, it’s hard to imagine that one day he won’t be able to walk anymore. Every time I think of this, I feel very sad.” Unfortunately, DMD is a degenerative condition, and it’s unlikely that JunXi will live past his 30th birthday.

JunXi and staff member Erica

Families like JunXi’s come to us hopeless and desperate. Lack of resources, social stigma, and financial pressures make raising a child with special needs extremely difficult in China. Parents are often faced with two options: raise their child and commit to a life of financial and social difficulty, or abandon their child to the orphanage in hopes they’ll have a better life there.

Hope Station provides a new way forward. Our Family Strengthening Program currently supports 13 special needs families. But here’s the reality:

In order to continue serving these families and 15 more next year, we need to raise $55,000. If we can’t raise this amount by the end of the year, we will have to turn families away.

Will you help us reach this goal? Your best gift today will provide life-changing support to a family and their child with special needs.

When a family joins Hope Station, the child gets therapy and disability equipment, while the parents get encouragement and education about their child’s special need. They meet other families like them, and suddenly they don’t feel so alone anymore. The Hope Station staff in China works tirelessly to serve the unique needs of each family. And whether it’s through a monthly home visit, a speech therapy session, an activity day in the park, or an educational article or webinar, these services are changing lives forever and making it possible for parents to raise their child at home.

“Sometimes life feels very stressful,” JunXi’s mama said. “I’m very grateful to Hope Station staff for their concern for us. They even scheduled a counseling session for me, which really helped me a lot.”

Make a donation of just $25 today to help a child with special needs and their family. If you donate before December 31st, it will be matched up to $10,000! You can donate by clicking this link.

Friend, your generosity has the power to change a family’s outlook and future. “There’s still a very long road ahead for JunXi’s treatment,” says his mama, “but what’s fortunate is just when I had nearly lost hope, I encountered help from a lot of good-hearted people, and now with their help, I tell myself that I have to keep going.”

Thank you for your financial support! You encourage these incredible children and their families to “keep going” and to hold on to hope.

With a grateful heart,

Founder + Director

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