Real Life Impact Stories

Today we simply want to share some real life impact stories with you… directly from the families we serve and our staff team who serve them.

Let’s get right to it:

From Xuan Xuan’s mama

“Last week, Xuan Xuan attended a concert for visually impaired people held by the city, and she even performed on stage. Although she is young, she already has a lot of experience performing on stage and has won some awards. I want to thank you again for your help in sending my child to a bigger stage.”

Jade's impact stories
From Jade, our Family Strengthening Staff Member

“Recently a pair of sisters caught our attention. These adorable twins have both been blind their whole lives due complications in their premature births, but they also both have amazing singing voices. You can’t imagine how strong our inner healing feeling was when we visited their homes and heard the beautiful singing voices of these two sisters. Their voices are like the sounds of nature, able to penetrate all darkness and bring everyone the light of hope.
And I never forget that behind every effort in my work, there is your selfless assistance. These donations are not only financial support, but also affirmation and encouragement for me to stick to my intentions and goals. Thank you for your hope and warmth. It allows us to continue to provide help and care to these families.”

ZhenFang's impact stories
From Zhen Fang’s dad

“We continue to receive therapy treatment from Hope Station. I understand now that what’s most important is to consistently exercise every day at home. Since once a week with the therapist is too infrequent for ZhenFang, I will supervise her to make sure that she keeps up her exercises at home.

Once again, thank you and all the staff at Hope Station for your care and support to our family!”

Erica's impact stories
From Erica, our Family Strengthening Program Manager

“Chinese people especially like “happy” gifts, so when the parents and children saw the Chinese New Year poems and the blessings we brought them, they all seemed delighted.

I especially enjoy seeing the smiling faces of parents and children every time I visit a family. It can bring some relaxation to their busy lives and can help to enliven their family atmosphere.

We know our help to families may be limited. A gift may not change their family situation or fix all of their problems, but this gift can make them feel that they are cared about and that someone has always loved them. And that feeling goes a long way.”

FuYin's impact stories
From Fu Yin’s dad

“FuYin had an especially happy birthday this year because there were many people who love her that remembered her birthday… She really loved her present from Hope Station. They gifted her a handmade jewelry kit.

She likes it because she can make all kinds of necklaces and bracelets of her own designs all by herself. After making them, she wears them around her neck and wrists and then goes to admire her creations in the mirror, which is kind of funny to watch.

She even made a colorful necklace for me as a gift and she felt very proud when I wore it around my neck. Although I felt a little embarrassed, as a grown man wearing this necklace, I have a hard time refusing FuYin. Seeing her so happy, I’m also very happy.”

From our China Director, Margarete

“Even though Rui Rui is already 9 years old and although she lags behind her peers, her progress makes her family members and those who love her feel full of hope for her future life. When we were about to finish our home visit, Rui Rui’s mother, grandmother, and grandfather invited us to have lunch together. 

Seeing the sincere affection of Rui Rui’s family made me understand more clearly the significance of our family strengthening program: family companionship and community support are very important factors in promoting the healthy growth of children!

We heard a lot of examples like this during the project evaluation last year. After receiving our services, parents are gaining more confidence and mental strength! …Many thanks to our donors for their support, and thank you for working with us to witness the progress of the children!”

Hopefully these real life impact stories show you just how much every gift and every encouragement impact these children and their families. Thank you for your support!

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