This grandma is a hero

This grandma is a hero.

When I (Director Rebekah here) read Hao Hao’s grandma’s first monthly update letter to their new sponsors, I knew I had to share it with more of you. Her story so honestly puts into words the experience of many of the families we serve.

Here is an excerpt from Hao Hao’s grandma’s recent update to their sponsors:

“Hao Hao’s father and grandparents still do not want to accept Hao Hao. When the child was very young, he lived with his parents, but everyone in the family was in a bad mood, and the atmosphere at home was very bad. They often quarreled with each other and thought about giving up. In fact, Hao Hao’s mother was not willing to give up, but she was also under too much pressure at home, so she had no choice but to leave the child behind. That’s why I took him to Chengdu to raise and care for him.

At present, Hao Hao and I are temporarily living with my other daughter, but most of the time I am taking care of him in the hospital because it is convenient for him to receive therapy there. Since taking care of Hao Hao, I have tried many methods to help him recover as much as possible. I took him to the Chinese medicine hospital for acupuncture treatment, but the effect was not obvious, so I stopped. We have made many attempts on the road to recovery. Although the process is very hard, as long as Hao Hao has more opportunities for recovery, I am willing to try my best. Although it may not be as I wish, at least I have tried. This is a brief overview of his situation.

Now Hao Hao has a younger brother, who was born in February this year. I hope this little life will bring more hope to my daughter’s family. I hope that in the future when they realize it, they will be willing to let Hao Hao return to the family and live in a happy family with the care of his parents and his younger brother. This is my greatest wish. Once again, thank you for your attention and support. I believe that with the help of so many people, our lives will only get better and better in the future. Thank you!”

Cultural stigmas around disability, family disagreements and divisions, financial struggles… these are the very real situations that so many of our families face very single day.

Thanks to their sponsors and the amazing donors that give to Hope Station throughout the year, Hao Hao and his grandma are not alone on their journey. Despite their difficult family situation, they now have a full support system at their backs and a community surrounding them.

Thank you for your support and prayers for these incredibly brave families raising children with special needs in China.

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