Word From the Dads

Fathers Day brings up a variety of emotions around the world.

Some children are missing their dads who have passed. And some fathers are grieving the loss of a child. Others are celebrating becoming a father through adoption or birth. Children with absent fathers or never-known fathers feel alone, while other children rejoice at being recently reunited with their father. So many feels. And all of them incredibly significant.

Some words from the dads themselves…

Today, we honor the stellar dads in China who have been bravely raising their child who has special needs. And what better way than to share a few of their own words with you.

JunHan continues his therapy every day. It makes me feel really happy as his father as I watch him make progress.  I am also very grateful to my wife. Every day she takes the children to and from school as well as picks up JunHan for therapy. It is exhausting! She has paid the most for JunHan’s progress! He is in very good condition now, and he communicates with us more and more. I think in the near future, his language skills will be fully restored to normal.

JunHan’s Dad
JunJie (front right) with his brother, Grandpa, and Grandma
Ci Ren with his dad, mom, and uncle

Hope Station staff came to celebrate LongLong’s birthday with us. They brought birthday presents and cake. LongLong and his grandmother were so happy and excited! It was the first time anyone gave LongLong such a grand birthday, with even a party and birthday songs! He was so moved. What a special birthday experience! I know that LongLong will remember that day his whole life.

LongLong’s Dad
LongLong’s birthday party
ZhenFang with Jade (Lead Therapist), Erica (Family Strengthening Program Manager), her dad, and her mom

We’ve been through a lot these past two years. Most families watch their children grow everyday, and it’s such a happy thing. But for a family like ours, seeing our child grow day by day but not learning the skills he should be learning at his age, it’s really an ordeal. But fortunately, little HengHeng listens very well, and he’s still improving. He has learned how to use chopsticks to eat, when he used to just grab food with his hands, so that’s some progress. Sometimes we’ll ask him to open or close the door and he’ll understand. And when we have him put on his clothes, socks, and shoes, he can basically do it now. That’s a very big improvement this year. Our family feels very encouraged, and we’re really so thankful for Hope Station’s help so that we can continue on.

HengHeng’s Dad
JiaWang (front center) with her sister, dad, mom, and brother
Sponsor a Family
QingHua with his mom and dad

A round of applause, please,

for these incredible fathers stepping up for their kiddo every single day.

Is there a special needs dad in your life that needs some extra love today? Check out this great post from the All Pro Dad for some tips on how to encourage him. We’ll be doing the same over here!

If you’d like to make a donation in honor of a father above or a father in your own life, you can do that here.

And rather than saying “Happy Father’s Day…”

we wish each one of you a significant and meaningful Father’s Day, whatever that means for you and your family.

If you struggle to know what to say instead of Happy Father’s Day, check out this article from #OptionBThere on “How to be more thoughtful about your Father’s Day greetings.”

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