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This concept of “Hope In Every Home” has been replaying in my mind a lot lately…

I sat down at the table, expecting the empty seats next to me to soon be filled. It was 2019, day 3 of the World Without Orphans Conference, and all 600+ attendees were asked to gather by region. I waited, excited to meet others passionate about preventing children from becoming orphans in China. Finally, two people joined my table… and that was it.

I will never forget the realization that out of 600+ people serving vulnerable children around the world, only 3 of us were serving the most populated country on earth.

In September this year, I sat at another table in a family’s home in China. Next to me was Xuan Xuan who is 8 years old and blind, her mama, and my Chinese coworkers. Xuan Xuan’s mama told us she goes to school with her daughter every day, so she can whisper into Xuan Xuan’s ear what is written on the board during class. I could hear the exhaustion in her voice as she described the long days and endless battles.

At yet another table in the nearby countryside, a grandma broke into tears as we sat with her. She’d been very sick recently, and got scared imagining what would happen to her grandson with Cerebral Palsy if she couldn’t care for him.

Families raising children with disabilities in China face very real hopelessness.

They are desperate for help, for encouragement, and for community. And if my experience at the WWO Conference in 2019 is any indicator, there are not enough people or organizations in China who can help them.

That’s why this year’s “Hope In Every Home” campaign is so important.

Our goal for this year-end campaign is to raise $46,000 total—and with a $23,000 matching gift, we are halfway there.

We currently serve 19 families raising children with disabilities in China. With your support, we can bring hope into twice as many homes in 2024!

Here’s how your gift could impact a desperate family:
  • Mental health counseling for struggling parents
  • Therapy and educational support for children
  • Free workshops and parent trainings for families
  • Home visits and consistent companionship from our staff team
  • Community events for families to meet and support each other

Even in the face of much hopelessness, one mother’s recent comment stood out to me:

“Before we joined Hope Station, we were alone, and we felt our daughter was a burden in this society. But now every time you visit us, we know there are other people in the world who love our daughter.”

I want to see HOPE like that in every home. But if we don’t reach our fundraising goal, we will have to turn away families who are looking for that Hope.

To make your year end gift and double your impact on families before December 31st, please donate online or send your check to this address.

So grateful for you,

Rebekah Kepha
Founder + Director of Hope Station

Give to the Hope In Every Home Campaign

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