JiaWang’s Fight for Life

JiaWang’s Fight For Life

From day 1, Little JiaWang was fighting for her life. During birth, her oxygen was restricted. She quickly developed Cerebral Palsy and pneumonia. Her family was desperate to do whatever it took to keep her alive. But the high altitude of their mountainside village was no place for a struggling baby with special needs.

They brought her to the big city of Chengdu and entrusted her to a small care facility that promised to take care of her until she was stronger. Now JiaWang gets visits from her mom, dad, brother, and sister a few times a year. There are several other children in the care facility. But she is the only one there with special needs.

JiaWang with her mama
JiaWang’s family

We met JiaWang around her 2nd birthday. She was in physical therapy but not making progress. Her caregiver knew next to nothing about Cerebral Palsy or how to help JiaWang get stronger. And the hope of being reunited with her family in the mountains seemed very far off.

We immediately got JiaWang’s family matched up with a sponsor, and started visiting her and her caregiver every month. We took holistic assessments of her needs and made recommendations for a therapy center that would help her reach her goals faster. Here’s a note from JiaWang’s caregiver this month:

“In order to make Jiawang’s therapy more targeted, we have changed to a new and more professional therapy institution to give Jiawang therapy since September. The therapy center is better than the previous therapy center in terms of equipment and therapy technology… Now, five days a week, two classes a day, Jiawang is willing to cooperate physically and emotionally, and we are seeing some progress, she’s especially happy!”

Being part of this family’s story is an honor and a joy. Thank you to JiaWang’s sponsors and all our donors who have filled JiaWang’s future with hope.

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