New Logo Reveal

Today is the day! We are officially revealing our new logo today, and we are so excited to share it with you.

old logo

new logo

We loved the old logo, and it will always hold a special place in our hearts as a symbol of our early years. Hope Station has been growing and evolving since 2010. It’s been a journey full of learning, trial and error, growing, failing, trying again, succeeding, and growing some more. That season was so formative for us.

But now, we feel so strongly that we’ve found our place. We have clarity around our mission. We have an incredible community backing us (including you!). We have an amazing staff and volunteer team. Our programs are thriving and needed here. We are ready to dig our heels in and get to work on a whole new level.

Our new logo represents both where we’ve been and where we’re going.

It represents all the people who have joined us so far to make a difference in the lives of orphans. Donors, volunteers, adoptive families, therapists, encouragers, advisors. Together, you have impacted so many children.

It also represents the spirit of collaboration that we move forward in, so we can serve even more children in need. You may already know, Hope Station is expanding to serve not only orphans in orphanages but vulnerable families in the community. Our hope is that if families can get the support they need to raise their special needs child at home, then less children will end up in orphanages in the first place. (Read more about that here.) 

Hope Station is poised for resourcing vulnerable children and families. 

We have the knowledge, skills, and connections to provide lasting solutions to people’s real problems. We are a hub in the community for special needs families who have no help and no hope. And we are making the most of our connections with other organizations and entities so we can maximize the support we offer to children and families.

The three figures in our new logo are a visual reminder that it takes an entire community to raise a child.

Working together, hand in hand, we can protect, love, adopt, raise, encourage, heal, support, and care for vulnerable children.

Don’t worry, Hope Station is still Hope Station. Behind our new logo is the same mission of raising up champions for children in need who are motivated by love and equipped to care. We look forward to moving onwards and upwards in that mission, together for children.


  1. I never tire hearing about the connections of the past, present, and future and I’m grateful that Hope Station continues to be a positive influence around the globe.

  2. I love that the people represented in the new logo have pieces missing. It shows that maybe they have a disability and are not complete. A nice job on the new logo!

    • You noticed! 😉 We LOVE that each person has a different shape and different size. Thanks for all your support, Barb!

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